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Saturday, September 22, 2012

General Conference Activity Ideas, October 2012

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It's never to early to prepare for conference. . LDS General Conference is October 6-7 this year. Here is my updated list of possible activities and activity pages for you to check out.

All links new, new to me, or updated for October are marked with an asterisk*. Any additions or updates after today are marked with a double asterisk**. If you have new sites to offer, please let me know. Many of these are lists or multiple pages and you can click through them to assemble a packet or set of activities perfect for your children.

**Conference Bingo from compguy (each page reload gives you a different board
**Latter-day Prophet Matching Game from Live Eat Craft
Activity Bags from Craft Critters.  These are so neat.
Conference Stations from We Talk of Christ
Conference Train from Little Family Fun
Conference Bingo from LDS Handouts
Conference Jenga from Little LDS Ideas
Apostle Matching Cards from A Year of FHE
Coloring Pages from LDS Clip Art
Conference Bingo from Oopsy Daisy
I Spy the Prophet Game from We Talk of Christ
General Conference Games from Lady Create-a-lot
Fall conference coloring sheet from A Little Tipsy
General Conference activity list from Sugardoodle  (scroll to the bottom for a list)
Activity pages from The Friend
Multiple Activity Pages from The Idea Door, including one for youth
LDS Word Search puzzles from LDS Resources
Really cute General Conference Memory Game from Beehive Messages
LDS Crossword Puzzles from About.com
Apostle Naming Game from Suite101--good for toddlers who might like matching-type games
Conference Activities from lds.org
Dot-to-Dot Activities from My CTR Ring
Fill in the Blank Pages from My CTR Ring
General Conference FHE Ideas from Suite101
Ideas for Toddler and Preschool Age from FHE Planner
Assorted activities at Mormon Chic
Conference Bingo from The Friend
Lots of various links from About.com (lots of fun printable packets)
Activity pages from Pratt's FHE Idea Box
Preschool activity packet from Sharing Ideas is Fun to Do
Ideas for Conference Weekend at Hugs and Giggles

After Conference FHE Ideas
Using General Conference quotes in your home from The Redheaded Hostess
General Conference Recap at Cookie Nut Creations
Conference Question Jar at Prepared not Scared
Conference Ideas for FHE from Little LDS Ideas

Conference Kits/Baskets
Kid Baskets at Homemaking Fun
Conference Kits at Gluesticks

General/Assorted Ideas
**Lots of ideas and links from Food Storage and Beyond
Lots of Ideas from The Redheaded Hostess (check out the comments section of the post)
General Conference Ideas from We Talk of Christ  (love the Lego suggestions!)
General Conference Book Club from Diapers and Divinity
Tons of great ideas from The Lund Family Blog
Conference Bags from The Things I Love.  Awesome idea!
Ideas at Inkablinka
Lots of Ideas from A Year of FHE
Great ideas from Latter-Day Chatter
Lots ideas from Blue Skies Ahead  Love the conference socks
General Conference Traditions from Chocolate on My Cranium
Activity Ideas from Lady Create-a-lot
Suggestions from A House of...
Conference ideas from Cookie Nut Creations
Lots of Ideas at Little LDS Ideas
Tips and activities from Discover the Scriptures
Some general ideas for General Conference
General Conference Wall from We Talk of Christ

Gifts for Others 
*Kit for a Visiting Teacher from Turning Point
Conference kit to give as a Visiting Teacher from Every Day Food Storage
M&Ms of Conference from Let the Games Begin
Conference Trail Mix from A Mama B's
Conference Care Kit Idea from Shauna and Co.
Conference Kit from A Bushel and A Peck
Conference Baskets as gifts
Cute activity bags to do for a primary class from Fluffy Bunny Feet Designs

Journals/Note Taking
Conference worksheets/note taking from Nathan Richardson
Conference journal from VisitingTeaching.net
Conference notebook from the Ensign for post-conference study
Conference journals and other ideas from Prepared Not Scared
Conference journaling for YW from Sugardoodle
Note taking downloads from Holy Handouts
Conference journals from A Bushel and a Peck
Note taking ideas from The Redheaded Hostess

**2012 Packets and Activities from Food Storage and Beyond
*October 2012 Packets from Sugardoodle
Activity packet from Somewhat Simple
Packet for preschoolers from Sharing Ideas is Fun to Do
Packet from Jenny Phillips.net

2011 Conference Packets at Scriptures4Kids (nursery, junior/senior primary and YM/YW)
October 2011 packet from Sugardoodle
Conference Packet from Magnify = Simplify
Conference Packet from Beehive Messages
Conference Ideas and links at LDS Resources
Activity packet from Deseret Book

Preparing for Conference
Preparing Yourself for Conference from Diapers and Divinity
10 Ideas for a meaningful conference for children from Mormon Times
Making Conference Memorable from Mormon Momma
Ideas to prepare for General Conference
Staying awake during General Conference

Rewards/Treat Ideas
Ideas from The R House
Conference Store ideas from A Mama B's
General Conference Treat Buckets at Brown Paper Packages
General Conference Ideas (Candy Lei Countdown) and Linky Party at A Mama B's
Conference Baggies from Sugardoodle (I love this idea!)

Pitch your tent for Conference from Latter-day Homeschooling
Conference Gathering based on King Benjamin at Chasing Molly

As always, thanks to those who actually do the work and put these packets and pages together. I have the easy job of simply compiling them.

Have fun! If this information has been helpful, please leave me a comment and let me know.


  1. Thank you for this impessive list.
    I am going to include it on my blog.

  2. Hey Holly! Thanks for linking to my site and for your awesome collection of ideas (as always). I've included a link to yours in my Conference post as well and wanted to let you know that I actually have a new post up with new packets and activities (the one you're linked to is April's). Anyway, thanks again and I'll be scouring through all your links! :)
    Debbie (from Food Storage And Beyond)

  3. Holy cow! What a list! I don't think I'll even manage to check them all out, but I'm excited to give it a try until I find way more things than I should try to do with my family this time around. Thanks for compiling such a broad list. :)

  4. Thanks for the amazing list of options. Just wish I looked at it before the night before conference. haha.


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